Basement Remodeling Contractors St. Charles – Bathroom Design Options is one of the premier basement remodeling contractors. St. Charles houses are known for having unfinished basements. If you are looking to improve your living space with a finished basement in St. Charles then look no further than Marvelous Basements.
There are many areas that are crucial to a quality basement design. One of the most important areas of focus is the bathroom. A bathroom can be a key feature in a remodeled basement. Bathrooms can be very simple to remodel but with the plethora of design options available today it can become a challenge to design a quality working basement bathroom. Let’s take a look at some of the notable features you should pay attention to.
Number 1 — The shower area
Many basement bathrooms will contain some sort of shower but it is not always necessary. If your bathroom is small and there is no guest bedroom in your basement then you may not need a shower area. However, if you do want a shower area, and if the space allows for it, you will have to decide whether you want a tub or a shower stall. More space will be needed for a tub to be installed.
Number 2 — Pedestal or vanity sink
If your bathroom is small then you may want to go with a pedestal sink. If you have the space for a vanity then you will see an endless supply of options and styles depending on the size you need.
Number 3 — Tile
This will be one of the biggest influences on the design of your bathroom. Everything from shape and size to even how much tile is installed will affect the design of your basement bathroom.
Number 4 — Lighting
The size of your bathroom will influence how much lighting is needed. A small bathroom may only need one light source over the sink whereas a larger bathroom may need several light sources including canned lights.
Number 5 — Fixtures
Plumbing fixtures come in a multitude of designs and finishes. From brushed nickel to bronze make sure you select a style that fits your bathroom design.
Designing a bathroom can be a lot of work but with Marvelous Basements it could not be easier. Contact us today at 636-614-2660 to get the best in basement remodeling contractors in St. Charles county.

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