How to waterproof and tile walk-in tile shower DIY- step by step instructions – part “1” of 2

I am presenting how to correctly waterproof shower or any wet area in your bathroom.
The most important will be to use correct underlayment. You have to find product that will be moisture, mold and mildew resistant. Another step is to waterproof all areas that water may penetrate overtime (when grout cracks) In my career I pulled apart dozens of showers. The water penetration was always starting at:
– corners
– knee-walls
– curbs ( especially where curb meets with wall)
– not correctly built benches
– not correctly installed shower pans
– not waterproofed built in niches

In my video I am showing how to correctly waterproof all tricky areas that will eventually fail if not protected.

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I am always using the best products designed for showers – Dens-shield tile backer, premium waterproofing membrane Hydro barrier combined with special fiberglass mesh tape.

Thank you for stopping by.

Michael — Tile Master Atlanta

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