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Bathrooms sometimes get a bad rap for being boring, functional spaces where we don’t really want to spend any time. This way of thinking is old fashioned and outdated. Many people are starting to take bathroom design in Chandler seriously and are using paint and design to come up with some really interesting spaces. People in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Phoenix are also planning for large, spacious showers, and luxurious vanities when planning out their bathroom constructions. Bathrooms don’t need to be boring places where we go a few times a day and don’t really enjoy. All it takes is a little bit of thoughtful planning to create a bathroom design trends in Phoenix that is relaxing and pleasant.

The biggest changes in bathroom design have come by way of color. Bathrooms, particularly smaller ones, have traditionally always been painted white. Decorators have been ascribing to this theory for years because it’s a simple trick that creates the illusion of a larger room, much the same way restaurants use mirrors on the walls to make their dining rooms seem larger. Many people involved in bathroom remodeling are choosing to incorporate more colors into their designs. Often times these colors are coming from the new neutral palette of pastels and earth tones. These colors are popular for bathrooms because they are light and relaxing but still add a bit of color to the décor.

These slightly more colorful walls aren’t the only thing that people are doing to add color to their bathroom remodeling projects. Many folks are turning to accent colors as a way to liven up their bathroom projects. Accent colors are bright bursts, used sparingly around the room to create interest and excitement. These accents can be used even in rooms that are painted all white, just be careful not to overdo it and have your accents become your primaries!

When planning bathroom construction in Tempe, many people are allowing for large, generous showers and vanities that are spacious and easy to use. The shower is one of the most central features of a bathroom and can be a real highlight. Plastic white tubs and sticky shower curtains are a thing of the past! These days people are going for large glass enclosures with fancy hardware and beautiful tiles. Having a shower like this in your home is like have a little spa waiting for you after work every day! You’ll look forward to coming home and unwinding all afternoon!
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