The Bathroom Renovation • Time-lapse

This is my DIY bathroom renovation video (in it’s entirety). I’m not a contractor and doing some minor renovations on my spare bedrooms (paint, baseboards etc.) pales in comparison to what this became. Between my actual work during the day and learning every step of renovating a bathroom as I was doing it, this took many weeks to complete…

To start at the beginning, the whole reason I did this was because the lino was peeling up at the tub and I was worried water would get under it and rot the floor. On top of that, the grout was starting to fall apart. I figured I would tile the floor & re-tile the walls around the tub and all would be well in the world. Then I realized my sink was rusting out… and if you’re going to do the floor, you might as well do a new vanity at the same time. Then… After popping off the first tile I found mold. The bathroom wasn’t built with the right drywall, so I was going to have to rip out all the moldy stuff around the tub (there wasn’t actually much mold in the end… but it still needed to be done). With that, I just hit a point where I figured I might as well gut it completely and start fresh… So I did. These are the 12 steps of my renovation.

1. I ripped everything out, put valves on the water lines so that I could have water in the rest of my house, and fixed the plumbing behind the tub.

2. My dad helped me bring in the new tub and we built supports behind the new seams I had cut in the drywall.

3. I put up the completely water proof cement board and used thin set mortar to seal all the seams.

4. Dad came over again and helped me paint. These things always go faster when you have a cutter and a roller… Thanks pops!

5. Sealing the wooden floor. One of the how to videos I watched online talked about this fairly casually… but it seemed like a good idea. This pink goop dries red and it’s sort of like a thin layer or rubber or plastic so that if the grout did crack or the silicone came apart down the line, the water still won’t rot the wood, it’ll just sit on top of it.

6. The actual tiling. Turns out this is my least favourite thing to do in the world. Who knew… The big tiles weren’t too bad… but damn that mosaic tile was messy work.

7. Oh grouting how I loath thee… This went fairly smoothly for the dark grout, but the light grout I used on the floor and mosaic tile was “fast setting” and apparently I’m not fast enough to keep up with fast setting grout… For this reason, the grout in the mosaic tile isn’t as clean as I might have liked… but I’m going with “it’s the brick and mortar look… it’s supposed to be that way”. If you feel like grouting some tile though, don’t buy fast setting… there is no point. You aren’t supposed to get it wet for the same amount of time anyway…

8. Silicone. Clear around the edges of the metal trim, and white around the tub.

9. Building the vanity from Ikea.

10. Getting the new toilet in & getting the tub fixtures/plumbing connected.

11. Putting in the Vanity, realizing that Ikea plumbing doesn’t work with north American plumbing and having to rebuild what Ikea supplies as “everything you need” with real plaid wearing Canadian pipes. Okay… they aren’t plaid wearing, but I was when I put it in. It all worked out in the end, I just had to learn some plumbing along the way, which turned out to be my favourite part of the whole reno. It was like a little puzzle…

12. Just getting all the little things up on the walls. New curved shower rod, medicine cabinet, towel racks, mirror & outlet/light switch plates.

Having completed it now, I feel like I could easily do it again in a quarter of the time. Not knowing what I was doing added SO much time to this… not to mention occasionally up to 5 trips to the hardware store in a day because things just aren’t going right, I didn’t anticipate something… or I just don’t have the right tool for the job.

Having documented the whole process, I get the unique opportunity to look back at each moment and remember how I felt at the time. There was definitely moments I just wanted it to be done, but there was also really rewarding moments where just going through the motions and working with my hands (without a keyboard under them) was incredibly fulfilling. Finishing this video and seeing the before and after pictures… I guess I’m just really proud of this.

I hope you enjoyed the video. It was my goal to try and show everything that went into this renovation. I think I succeeded in a way… but watching it all happen in 2.5 minutes, I realize it actually shows nothing at all of what actually went into this. Oh well… such is time-lapse.

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