Build Your Own Deck: DIY Deck Building and Design on a Budget

For another great deck building idea visit my other deck DIY project video:

How to build your own deck on a budget. Follow a DIY tutorial and learn the basics of how to build a deck. Deck planning, deck costs, deck materials, deck building tools, deck design, deck features, deck safety, build a deck around a pool, deck protection. Building a deck on a budget takes a lot of planning. With this video we show you how to build a deck step-by-step and what it takes to build a unique, impressive deck!

Creating and building a deck off of you house makes a big impact and selling feature. In this video I’ve captured images and voiced over advice that should be important for building a deck. Please keep in mind, I am a home-owner of several homes and have built several decks. Also, this is just a quick recap of what I have done here in this video, there may be some steps left-out, but I have tried to include the most important procedures. Thank you for watching my videos and I hope you can gain some knowledge, as I have in real life!

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