Delivery Caught on Camera! Home Security Camera Catches FedEx Deliveryman Throwing Package on Porch

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home security camera in southern Maryland caught a FedEx deliveryman tossing a package 20 feet onto a concrete porch. The homeowners complained to the company and posted the video online. The driver has been fired.

Twin sisters, Annabelle and Emily Moon, of Charles County, Md., are fans of the “American Girl” dolls, which have different sets of clothing available for them. The girls’ mom, Jackie Moon, ordered a new set of clothing for one of the dolls, and it arrived Thursday via FedEx.

The Moons have a camera-based home security system, which not only records video, but also emails the homeowner a snapshot when the motion sensors are triggered. The snapshot the Moon family received from the Thursday afternoon delivery certainly got their attention.

“This is the picture of the FedEx man standing at the end of the sidewalk, tossing the package,” explained Jackie Moon. “And you can see underneath, that the package is in mid-air, and that there’s a shadow in the sidewalk from the package.”

The Moons then looked at the video, which also recorded the sound of the package landing on their concrete porch after a 20-foot toss.

Nothing was broken, but Jackie Moon was horrified that any home-delivered package would be handled in such a manner.

“There was nothing breakable in the package,” she said. “That wasn’t my point. He had no idea what was in the package … it could have been something breakable. It was just the way that it was delivered to us, the carelessness that he took in delivering the package to our family.”

The Moons shared the still picture of the package in mid-air (and the video of the toss) with friends and family. The incident has gone viral. They also complained to FedEx.

The company has reviewed the video. A spokeswoman says managers at FedEx are “shocked,” that is not the way packages are supposed to be delivered, and the employee who didn’t walk the last 20 feet has been terminated.

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