Enhance Your Home’s Security with Iris

Another reason why Iris really stands out to me is because it doesn’t lock you down to one specific brand. You can have a First Alert smoke detector with a GE light switch. All controlled from your Iris.

But the customization doesn’t stop there. With the Premium Service you’re able to easily program in different modes, like day, night or vacation mode.

And when your house goes in to night mode, it means the lights turn off, the doors lock, the alarm is armed, all at the touch of a button. So that you can rest easy.

The Iris alarm gives you some exciting new features. Check this out I just turned on the alarm. Remember the fob? Using magic rules from the premium service, this house is set up so the alarm system turns on when the last fob leaves the house.

No more having to remember to key in your number.Fobs are particularly great for kids or house guests because they can turn the alarm on or off with a button on the fob.

Iris alarm helps you make your home safer.

Use door and window contacts to cover critical entry points and motion sensors monitor large areas or hallways. You can add cameras to the entryway or garage, code operated door locks control access and Iris control switches turn lights on and off on a schedule.

And check with your insurance provider because some providers, like State Farm, offer policy discounts when you install Iris.

Iris is simple — but it’s also sophisticated. Iris has a “Night” mode so you can adjust your temperature and activate only your door and window contacts — but not the motion sensors. With Night mode, you can sleep with added comfort knowing the alarm is on and the temperature is set.

For more information on the Iris Home Management System, visit Iris at https://www.lowes.com/iris

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